Case study:

Big 4 Bank

Cyber security awareness

Cyber security is a major issue for both businesses and individuals worldwide. HowToo Xpert was engaged by a Big 4 Bank to raise awareness of cyber security and of the role an organisation’s staff plays as the front-line to cyber threats.

The bank expressed a desire to move away from traditional compliance training and deliver a unique learning experience to 55,000 diverse staff members.


An engaging learning program was needed to give employees the knowledge to protect the company’s online presence and, most importantly, change their digital habits. HowToo Xpert developed a series of short micro-learning modules, designed as a series of games, each with specific calls to action and key takeaways that could be immediately put into practice. This approach broke the mould, offering a modern and refreshing approach by creating curiosity, relevance and the reinforcement of valuable work habits.

Team members felt empowered and confident with their daily online activities, and the learning initiated conversation about cyber security in the workplace. People began sharing their personal experiences within the bank’s new social collaboration platform - not just through the lens of compliance, but also as customers wanting to protect their own online presence.

The program has one of the highest completion rates of non-mandatory learning. This is due to the use of gamification and great story telling that everyone can relate to and enjoy.

The Cyber Security microlearning suite was awarded first place winner of Platinum LearnX, Finalist of Innovation in Learning Award (UK) and Finalist in AITD Excellence Awards.

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