Bullying in the office

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Bullying is not a myth and can occur in any workplace with serious consequences. Find out how you can identify it, recognise the impact it has and be part of the cultural change of zero tolerance towards bullying in your organisation.

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Bullying in the office
Bullying in the office
Bullying in the office
Bullying in the office

Learning outcomes

I want my learner to be able to:

  • Demonstrate respectful, tolerant behaviour towards colleagues and clients that aligns with the organisation’s anti-bullying policy;
  • Describe what to do if confronted by bullying behaviour in the workplace;
  • Describe the effects of bullying on individuals and the workplace;
  • Identify attitudes, beliefs and organisational factors which can lead to bullying;
  • Explain when bullying becomes a criminal offence;
  • Identify the difference between measures taken to improve performance and bullying behaviours.

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