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Top 9 eLearning Course Creation Tools

Discover the best digital authoring tools available to find out which is the best for your organisation.

What is HowToo?


3 ways to improve feedback for your learners

Learn how to craft your question feedback for maximum effect.
Learning Design

6 Tips for Converting Face-to-Face Training to eLearning Courses

If you're looking to make the jump to digital, these top tips will help you get it right.
Learning Culture

Training vs. Learning: What's the difference?

Training and learning can represent two very different approaches to team development in your organisation. Which one is better for you?
Learning Design

Learning Models, Theories, Neuroscience - what’s the difference?

There are a lot of different ideas about learning - some supported by rigorous studies, some not. Learn how to navigate the minefield of learning theories, models and neuroscience.
Learning Design

The AGES Model: Learning that lasts

How you can use the AGES model of learning to maximise the retention of course content in your learners.
Learning Design

Why you should care about Cognitive Load Theory

What is Cognitive Load Theory, and why is it so important to consider when developing learning experiences?