How to foster responsibility for cyber security in your staff

Want to reduce the risk of a devastating cyber attack on your business? It's critical that every member of your team is fully committed to upholding your cyber security practices. But how do you build that culture?

LMS features: What’s essential and what’s not?

Let's face it - some Learning Management System features are just expensive gimmicks. So what LMS features do you actually need, and what can you skip?
Learning Design

An introduction to Gamification in eLearning

What's all the hype around gamification about anyway? Learn why gamification can be controversial, as well as the benefits, challenges and and examples of gamification. Discover how to gamify your eLearning and training today.
Learning Design

Everything you need to know about translating your eLearning training

Translating your digital eLearning courses has a range of benefits for your learners, but preparation is key to getting it right and avoiding unnecessary costs.

How to turn business goals into learning outcomes

Your business has broad goals to achieve, but how do you turn that into a learning and development project? Aligning business goals and learning outcomes is a critical step in your project preparation.

How to use assessment as a form of learning

There are much more interesting ways to think about and use assessment than just knowledge checks or quick quizzes. Discover how to use assessment to boost learning and improve your courses.

4 Project Approaches for Instructional Design You Should Try

Here are four approaches to organizing and executing an instructional design project from start to finish.

The Dick and Carey Systems Approach Model of Instructional Design

The Dick and Carey approach to developing instructional design projects might not be the most common, but it may just be the most thorough. Also known as the Systems Approach model, it could be perfect for you.