Learning Design

Why you need learner personas (and how to write them)

Learner personas are an essential tool for every learning designer and training course creator. Learn why they're so important, and how to write excellent learner personas.
Learning Design

How long should training courses be?

There's a lot of debate around the ideal length for eLearning training courses. Discover what the science says.
Learning Design

3 learning goals every team needs to measure

Collecting data and using it to make informed decisions is essential for training and learning teams. What learning goals and metrics should trainers and learning designers be collecting data for? Get our top three recommendations.

How to prepare for The Great Resignation

Are you prepared for the The Great Resignation? With the right preparation, turn what might feel like a business risk into a huge opportunity for business growth and success in 2022.

Using AR and VR in safety training

Augmented reality and virtual reality training programs have huge potential for in the realm of compliance and safety training. Yet adoption has been slow in the industry. Discover why, plus tips for developing your own AR or VR training programs.

Safety training courses for every type of business

Is your workplace as safe as it could be? In this blog, discover different safety training courses for your team that could improve the safety of your business today.

How to use eLearning for safety and compliance training

Learn how to maximise your training ROI through online learning to meet your safety and compliance requirements

How to deliver safety training on any budget

Every business needs safety training. Discover how you can maximise your time and budget.