Leveraging the power of storytelling with AI

This article discusses the increasing need for effective learning solutions in organizations striving to enhance productivity, particularly with advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). It highlights the power of storytelling in learning, emphasizing that emotionally impactful narratives enhance retention and learning outcomes. The online training platform HowToo integrates storytelling techniques along with learning neuroscience, models, and theories to create engaging and professional training content. It introduces HowToo's upcoming AI fusion technology, which includes an AI Creator tool to generate courses quickly from documents like PDFs and Word files, significantly boosting productivity. The article concludes by underlining the significance of AI and learning neuroscience in shaping the future of training, with HowToo's approach exemplifying this evolution by prioritizing emotional connections in learning experiences.

2024 Outlook on Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape

CEOs need to make 2024 the year to foster responsibility for Cybersecurity in their staff and build and improve a safety culture, as human error is the biggest cyber security threat. Cybercrime's rapidly rising rate, cost and shift towards physical harm are accelerating this business requirement.

Business Vision for 2024

Lisa Vincent, HowToo's Founder/CEO, shares her thoughts on emerging trends and impacts on business, blockages to ROI, and strategies to pave the way for a successful business year.

Introducing HowToo’s Learning Academy

Say hello to HowToo's Learning Academy – an all-in-one Creator and Learning Academy platform for internal, customer, and partner education. Effortlessly create, track, and share stunning online training for all your business needs.
Learning Design

Expert hacks for creating beautiful, branded eLearning courses

Are you looking to level up the design of your learning to improve engagement? HowToo's Digital Design Lead shares practical tips to improve the design of courses and keep your learners coming back for more.
Learning Culture

4 ways to make learning engaging for busy recruitment teams

Online learning offers a flexible and immersive platform for employees to deepen their existing skills and acquire new ones. But how can you encourage time-poor recruiters to prioritize learning in their day?

HowToo wins NSW Accelerating Women Telstra Best of Business Award

HowToo is honoured to announce that we are NSW State winners of Telstra’s Best of Business Award - Accelerating Women.
Learning Design

Successive Approximation Model: A Comprehensive Guide

Successive Approximation Model (SAM) is a development method that involves a step-by-step process of iteration and refinement to produce a high-quality, functional product.