Leveraging the power of storytelling with AI


s organizations intensify their push to increase productivity, the need for effective, efficient and responsive learning solutions is critical. With advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), the potential to revolutionize how we approach training creation has reached new heights.

The Power of Storytelling in Learning

Memories that are linked with strong emotions are the most memorable because they not only hone our attention in the moment (when the brain’s amygdala is triggered), they also boost the importance of information (when the amygdala connects with the hippocampus). Memories are then encoded long-term - shaping our perceptions and understanding. 

Stories invoke positive emotions, which are connected through storytelling by weaving narratives into the fabric of learning experiences. That’s why storytelling is an effective approach to influence learning retention and achieve outcomes - the holy grail of corporate training. 

Storytelling and other techniques based upon learning neuroscience, learning models, and learning theories are built into online training platform, HowToo’s, technology. This enables subject matter experts to create professional, engaging and effective training without having to have expertise in learning and development, or strong technical skills required to navigate time consuming and complex systems.

AI Optimized Storytelling

HowToo will soon release its AI fusion technology - a collaboration between Prompt Engineers and Learning Design experts, culminating in an AI prompt that creates text, templates, assessments, stories, and questions.  The new AI feature is called the AI Creator tool. 

With AI at the core, users will soon be able to upload policy or other subject matter documents in formats such as .pdf and .doc (a formerly laborious process), and generate expertly designed courses in just minutes. 

The result? Productivity with HowToo AI Fusion is now 10x faster. Want to see a demo? Click here to book a time.

Shaping the future of training

In the dynamic realm of organizational learning, the fusion of AI and learning neuroscience heralds a new era. HowToo's pioneering approach, rooted in storytelling and propelled by AI fusion, epitomizes this evolution. By placing emotional connection at the heart of learning experiences, HowToo empowers organizations to not just disseminate knowledge but to foster enduring connections that drive growth and success.

Join the journey with HowToo as we navigate the intersection of AI and learning, shaping the future of training one story at a time.

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