Business Vision for 2024


isa Vincent, HowToo's Founder/CEO, shares her thoughts on emerging trends and impacts on business, blockages to ROI, and strategies to pave the way for a successful business year.

Q - What current or emerging trends are you focusing on in 2024?

A - Wow, one week into the new year and there’s already so much momentum! 2024 is shaping up to be a really huge year of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven transformation - demand for reskilling will only accelerate. I think about it from 3 main areas - productivity, authenticity and business value add.

Productivity - businesses will be really embracing the opportunity and I think we’re going to see 10x plus improvements in productivity and output. Rapid rethinking of business processes, people and solutions will impact organisations and accelerate the need for learning and reskilling that can be delivered in an agile and efficient way.

Authenticity - as we’re seeing so much content and messaging created using AI, people are becoming much more discerning of the communications they are consuming and poorly curated AI-generated content can backfire. I think AI is a huge time saver and I am a big fan but I think businesses and people need to ensure they embed their unique voice and humanity into their messaging whether it be through better prompts, better tech and/or editing. AI is a tool that should be used skillfully, it's not a replacement for expertise.

Value add - AI has the potential to significantly devalue a ton of software and services on the market. We’re focused on embedding our unique learning science, neuroscience and accessibility expertise into the way we use AI to power our software and services to get the best outcomes for our customers and business. I am really excited to be launching our ''create in AI'' feature soon which will enable customers to ingest their raw content and automatically create engaging scenario based learning (not just page turning/content dumping!).

I am also concerned about Cybersecurity and am hearing the same from many of the organizations I talk to. The volume, cost and nature of cybercrimes is rising rapidly and organizations must navigate what this looks like for 2024. We made a call really early in our business journey to become ISO27001 accredited; and while it was a lot of work to get there, I've had no regrets as it's made us cyber vigilant and skilled up which benefits our customers and our business.

Q - What do you see as the biggest blockage to ROI and how are you addressing it?

A - Speed from concept to delivery is super crucial. Long gone are the days when organizations could wait month(s) to deliver learning content that addresses urgent business and learner need gaps. But red tape, inefficient processes, skill gaps and the wrong tools can still be blockages.

I was chatting with an insurance company yesterday about their top business and learning requirements for the year. The massive surge in customer complaints following the back to back NSW disasters we’ve experienced has made complaint handling training for both internal staff and customers a critical issue. HowToo is acutely aware that businesses must respond to these issues quickly.

Our AI content generation, learning experience templates, ready-to-go modules and content matter expert enablement are all designed to help businesses deliver high-quality, accessible learning solutions to resolve issues in an agile way.

Q - What frameworks does HowToo use to meet its KPI’s?

A - Learning is the foundation of our business value and culture, and it underpins everything we do from strategy right through to our day to day operations.

KPI's around a healthy and well-aligned organizational culture, employee development, and employee engagement are a priority focus for us. We deliver eLearning to our team using the platform's Ready-to-Go modules such as Remote working, Equity and diversity, Ethics and integrity, Code of conduct, Digital accessibility, Wellbeing in the workplace, Grow your communication, Mindful listening, the Game of Persuasion, Be your brand, Be a storyteller and much more!

In 2024 our customers and learners take centre stage as our number 1 source of knowledge and learning which guides our product decisions and business direction. KPI's around Customer engagement, loyalty and retention are our top priority. We're constantly pushing ourselves to delight our customers. We use eLearning modules in HowToo to develop and share our collective knowledge in these areas and track application of it through our activities and operations. When we're not using HowToo's Ready-to-Go modules, we're usually building from pre-made templates by subject matter. These templates are available to all of our subscribers of Team and Pro, and there are even more customised by industry: Universities, Health Care, Local Councils, Aged Care, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, and Technology.

We’ve also implemented a customer advisory board, built a more engaged customer community and are really doubling down on our data to achieve the best possible experiences for our customers. And we’ll be doing so much more in 2024!

Jan 12, 2024

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