Interested in applying for our Ambassador Program?

Here are the details to know if it’s right for you.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the HowToo Ambassador Program, you’ll need to fit a few requirements:

  • You’re currently subscribed to our Growth, Creator or Professional plan.

  • You’re subscribed to our emails.

  • You live and work in Australia or the US.

  • You’re employed or freelancing the Learning and Development or Education industries.

Your role

Once you’re an official Ambassador, here’s what we’ll expect from you:

  • You’ll represent HowToo positively to your networks, both online and offline. You can speak constructively about the ways we can improve, but don’t badmouth us.

  • You’ll interact with others in a friendly and helpful manner.

  • You’ll be open to supporting marketing efforts such as providing testimonials, quotes for blogs, or being our guest on webinars.

  • You’ll provide us with your honest feedback on our platform so we can continue to grow and make HowToo even better!

  • You’re welcome to represent other learning platforms as well - we won’t tie you a non-compete clause!

How we’ll support you

We love our Ambassadors and we’re here to help you succeed. Here are some of the ways we’ll support you.

  • We’ll share your profile on our socials to welcome you to the program and introduce you to our community.

  • You’ll get a supporters pack with all the info you need.

  • You’ll get a digital ambassadors badge to use wherever you like.

  • We’ll share sneak peaks into upcoming feature updates.

  • We’ll share assets for relevant campaigns that you can share with your network.

  • You’ll get a unique checkout code to give your referrals an exclusive 10% discount on our annual plans.

  • You’ll get a point of contact in our team that you can reach out to with questions at any time.

Rewards Structure

The more you refer, the more you earn! Work your way up the tiers to get better rewards.

Bronze Tier

Eligibility: None! All our ambassadors automatically qualify for our bronze tier.

Swag Pack & Supporters Pack

5% kickback on all successful sales you refer to us.

Adult male with headphones working indoors on laptop computer.

Silver Tier

Eligibility: Have referred $5k worth of subscriptions.

50% off your personal HowToo subscription

10% kickback on all successful sales you refer to us.

Businessmen working together using laptops in office for online training, custom education, and to streamline product training.

Gold Tier

Eligibility: Have referred $10k worth of subscriptions.

100% off your personal HowToo subscription - that’s right, you subscription is free!

15% kickback on all successful sales you refer to us.

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