Frequently Asked Questions

HowToo use cases

Absolutely! HowToo offers an all-in-one solution to create beautiful, branded courses for both internal and external training. With our Learning Academy feature in the Teams and Pro plans, you can create an Academy for your internal team and one for customers. You can learn more about customer education here.

HowToo on smartphones

Yes! Learners can log into their HowToo Learning Academy on their phones, view their available courses and launch them from their phones to complete. However, Creators and admins must log in from a desktop computer to create and distribute courses.

Learning Academy

Your Learning Academy is the dashboard where your Learners access the courses allocated to them and track their progress. This feature is available in the Teams and Pro plans. For admins, you can customize your Learning Academy to align with your organization’s branding. This is especially important when creating customer-facing courses.

Course distribution

With the Teams and Pro plans, Creators have three options for distributing courses:

  • Publish courses to your branded, in-built Learning Academy and track performance.
  • Export your learning as an online link.
  • Export and upload your learning to any LMS with xAPI and Scorm-compatible exports.
Pre-built courses

We sure do. Our ready-to-go course library contains complete learning modules full of up-to-date content, activities and assessments that are immediately ready to launch to meet common business needs. You have the option to add this during the checkout process. If you want to learn more about the ready-to-go course library add-on, chat with our team.

Creator Seats

A creator has access to create and publish learning modules in HowToo. Each Creator user occupies one “Creator Seat".

You must have an available Creator Seat to invite or add additional Creators to your account. To make a Creator Seat available you can either inactivate a current Creator or purchase additional Creator Seats in tool.

The Teams plan includes three Creator Seats, and the Pro includes five; however, you can purchase additional seats when you sign up or later as your team expands. Contact us to learn more about additional Creator pricing


A MAL is any learner that opens your Learning Academy and launches a course within that contract month. The great news is that our MAL model allows you to invite unlimited Learners to access courses in your Learning Academy, but only the Learners who launch a course are counted towards your MAL limit.

Keep track of your MALs on your Billing dashboard in your HowToo admin settings. This helps you track your MAL usage and allows you to manage Learners in one place.

When you sign up for a Teams or Pro plan, you will be asked to estimate how many Monthly Active Learners you expect to use your Academy. This will become your Monthly Active Learner limit.

If you are consistently exceeding this limit, we recommend contacting our team to purchase a higher limit as the discounted annual rate.

If you go over your prepaid limit during your contractual month, we will temporarily adjust you to the higher Monthly Active Learner limit. This ensures that your Learners have uninterrupted access to your Learning Academy. You will be notified that your limit has been reached and be given an opportunity to lock in at the higher limit or automatically adjust back to your prepaid amount for the following months.


Absolutely! Even better, your finished project will be delivered directly to your HowToo account, giving you complete control of your courses to update and maintain them as you need. Contact our team to enquire about our Xpert services.

Free trials

A free trial of the Pro plan is available upon attending a demo appointment or free consultation with HowToo’s customer success team.

You can sign up for a 7-day free trial of the Pro plan, after attending a demo appointment or free consultation with HowToo’s customer success team.

Discounts and payments

Discounts are available to all plans when you select annual billing versus monthly billing. The price of additional Creator Seats is also discounted when billed annually. If you are a not-for-profit organization, we offer a 10% discount - chat with our sales team to learn more.

You can pay via credit card in tool or contact our team to request and pay via invoice. Invoices are available for annual plans only and a credit card is still required on file for any monthly overage fees.


Here are some general guidelines to help determine your requirements:

  • Our Teams plan is best for teams looking for an all-in-one solution to create and publish your learning to your Academy for customers and/or employees.
  • For large teams and organizations needing all of the above and more custom branding options, plus login integrations, the Pro plan is ideal for you.

Speaking with one of our Customer Success representatives is the best way to ensure you choose the right solution.

Our Teams plan gives your team an all-in-one solution to create learning courses and publish them to the built-in Learning Academy or export. The Pro plan includes everything in the Team plan plus two additional Creator Seats and more custom branding options, including custom fonts and custom colors for texts, backgrounds and buttons. The Pro plan is best for larger teams and organizations that want more flexibility with branding. Chat with our sales team to work out the best solution for you.

This component will only work on the published/exported site. Full documentation in Finsweet's Attributes docs.

We provide SSO options for users and enterprises to secure their accounts.

Users can be assigned different roles to administer, manage, design or access content.


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