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“Here at bellette, we like to use the latest technology to step up our services, and what better way to set the tone [with staff onboarding] than by utilising a captivating tool such as HowToo to introduce new employees to our style and company culture.”
Jenny Schoellkopf
Project Director at bellette
“With HowToo, we can easily create cost-effective compliance training for our business. We love the course template library and ready-to-go courses”
Belinda Worrell
Avenue Bank
“By transitioning our training to HowToo, our divisions have greater flexibility to recruit during the pandemic and improve our operational effectiveness.It’s so simple and yet it allows you the opportunity to get creative. The finished product looks professional and polished.”
Kirsty Gaal
Learning and Development Business Partner, Campbelltown City Council
“With employees across multiple countries, HowToo provides consistency in our knowledge sharing to all employees, no matter their location. HowToo is easily accessible for our team to build content and will continue to be simple and fast to update over time.”
Tim Dornom
Lead Sustainability Analyst, Transurban
“It’s fantastic that HowToo is an Australian company with great technology. We love their focus on accessibility, and that it’s a women-led startup company, not a huge, faceless corporation.”
Andrea Ibbott
“HowToo was the best solution as it’s so simple and easy to use. Our Subject Matter Experts can draft their own courses without sitting through a three day training course.”
Celeste Young
“HowToo improved life for our trainers and our clients by allowing them to access training at any time they need… If it can be 2AM in Perth and a member of a healthcare team, a nurse, can jump online and go through an end-to-end course about the tool, [then] that's amazing for us, and it's amazing for them.”
“HowToo’s accessibility features ensure our learners can successfully engage with our content and teach us, as designers, how to better employ accessibility in other modalities. The accessibility checker helps our team work more efficiently by reminding our subject matter experts to include accessibility elements in their courses.”
Maddie Bertram
“I would absolutely recommend HowToo to other businesses. We wouldn’t have been able to expand the way we have without the HowToo platform.”
Caleb Morris, COO
Civics Academy
“We love the simplicity of the HowToo tool. It is so easy to use, especially as we often need to create eLearning quickly. The beautifully designed templates make every module look spectacular! The added bonus that the tool meets the Australian WCAG AA 2.2 accessibility requirements, helps ensure all our learning meets accessibility requirements.”
Clair Fitzgerald
Learning and Development Consultant, Disability Services Australia

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People Talking, a professional training and coaching consultancy, transformed their offering for businesses with HowToo.


Read how Transurban created and implemented their new global sustainability strategy via digital learning.


Discover how PainChek rolled out their online product training to over 1000 clients in record time using HowToo.

Toyota Financial Services

This project saw customer service delivery reinvigorated through a touchpoint experience training. Blended learning was instrumental in creating cultural change aligned with company goals.

The Smith Family

This project successfully transitioned face-to-face content to an online training program with unlimited access for clients. Online delivery helped reach over 1.1 million disadvantaged young Australians.

State Insurance Regulatory Authority

This series of animated videos aims to make insurance claims processes easier through publicly available content with diverse representation and availability in multiple languages.

Civics Academy

Discover how Civics Academy radically transformed and scaled their business by switching to online learning with HowToo.

Sydney Water

In this course, procedural training was turned into a 15 minute game that taught staff correct record-keeping processes. It resulted in visible behavioral changes at an organisation level.


This joint initiative aimed to foster equitable work environments in the public sector. It saw high uptake of the voluntary training module, contributing to NSW Government target of 5.6% representation of people with a disability by 2027.

Royal Life Saving Australia

HowToo Xpert delivered a media-rich, engaging learning suite with 100% pass rate for participants, featuring time-sensitive scenarios to model rapid decision-making.

Minerals and Metals Group

This award-winning onboarding course delivered a seamless experience to create a globally consistent work culture for MMG, and featured a blended learning approach that was translated globally.

Meat and Livestock Australia

This project worked to strengthen the development of a nation-wide accreditation strategy by meeting the needs of geographically dispersed learners through transformation to online learning.

Kaplan Professional

This project delivered accredited online training for financial services staff, featuring a mix of skill and knowledge-based learning, with real life scenarios.

Campbelltown City Council

Hear how Campbelltown City Council were able to rapidly and effectively move their face-to-face training online with HowToo.

Big 4 Bank

HowToo Xpert created an award-winning program on cyber security awareness for one of the Big 4 Banks. The use of gamification and storytelling resulted in exceptionally high completion rates for non-mandatory learning.


This module aimed to reduce frequent service callouts caused by high workforce turnover in the healthcare industy. The project created a value-add focus for managers and improved staff performance.

Health Organisation

HowToo Xpert created engaging learning experiences through realistic case studies and practical scenarios that was easily shareable between organisations to spread vital training.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

HowToo Xpert designed an engaging module on regulation awareness and ensured that capability development needs were met nation-wide in a modular format allowing for future development.