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Empowering teams through incredible learning experiences

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Our mission

Businesses around the world are facing a critical issue: the skills we need today are obsolete tomorrow. And traditional training is too slow, too expensive, and too unreliable. Without the right skills, we can’t grow and succeed in tomorrow’s world.

We believe there’s a better way - a way where team training is easy, accessible, and actually works. That’s why we built a tool that could unlock the knowledge of individuals and in doing so, lift the skills and expertise of the people around them.

Our story

At HowToo, we believe in the power of education to transform individuals and businesses.

That's why we have dedicated ourselves to creating an innovative online platform that makes it easy for anyone to tap into the limitless potential of learning.

With over twenty years of experience in the eLearning industry, our founder, Lisa Vincent, has seen firsthand the impact that education can have on growth and success.

That's why we started HowToo - to empower people and organizations around the world to achieve their goals through learning. By positively impacting the lives of creators and learners globally, we strive to drive growth and success for all who use our platform.
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Our story

After twenty years of building and running Australia’s top eLearning agency, our co-founders knew there had to be a better way for businesses to create and share learning experiences with their teams. The process was locked behind difficult and expensive tools that needed specialists to operate.

In 2019, our co-founders launched HowToo: a brand new online tool to empower everyone to create beautiful, accessible and useful learning and to share their knowledge around the world.

Today, we’re making a difference to the lives of creators and learners around the world, one course at a time.
"We created HowToo to power individual and organisational growth through learning."
- Lisa Vincent, Founder and CEO
Platforms for learning

Our platform

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An all-in-one training platform for you to create, share and track beautiful training courses.

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A powerful e-learning authoring tool for you to design incredible digital learning experiences.

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A Learning Management System with all the tools you need to host, track and report on your eLearning programs.

“We’ve been able to master what was previously quite difficult for our team. With an affordable subscription to use HowToo, we can make changes immediately and get those updates out to clients as soon as possible.”

James Mattias, BDM PainChek

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An award-winning digital training platform

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Case studies

Kaplan Professional

This project delivered accredited online training for financial services staff, featuring a mix of skill and knowledge-based learning, with real life scenarios.

Civics Academy

Discover how Civics Academy radically transformed and scaled their business by switching to online learning with HowToo.


Discover how PainChek rolled out their online product training to over 1000 clients in record time using HowToo.

Our Leadership Team

Headshot of Johnny Zhou, Head of Development

Lisa Vincent

Founder & CEO

Headshot of Jola Van Der Horn, Head of Channel and Enterprise Sales

Lisa Rodgers

VP Sales & HowToo Xpert

Headshot of Johnny Zhou, Head of Development

Johnny Zhou

Head of Development

Headshot of Jasmine Brunsdon, Head of Product

Jasmine Brunsdon

Head of Product

Headshot of Meghan McGreevy, Head of Marketing

Meghan McGreevy

Head of Marketing

Headshot of Ken Ip, Head of UI/UX Design

Ken Ip

Head of UI/UX Design

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