Case study:

State Insurance Regulatory Authority

Animating complex processes

HowToo Xpert partnered with State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) to provide services for the production of a series of explanatory animated videos to explore the general compulsory third party (CTP) claims process.

The creation of a series of seven animated videos was to be explanatory in nature and to convey complex ideas in a short amount of time, giving general advice on the claims process for personal injury, funeral expenses, completing an online claims submission, claiming for damages, certificate of capacity/fitness, claiming compensation for relatives and how CTP green slip prices are set.


The videos needed to be accessible, with the ability to turn on or off transcripts, as well as pause, rewind and revisit content as needed. A series of short digital assets, easy to understand and appropriate for a large diverse audience.

Following on the proof of concept initially undertaken, the HowToo Xpert team provided guidance on the instructional design elements, the visual approach and digital design process. The content was digitised in a simplistic and easy to consume way, to support the future aspirations from the CX Transformation strategies and experiences. Relatable characters and scenarios were incorporated that are relevant, authentic and relatable to bring the content and the concepts to life.

HowToo Xpert leveraged the created characters and brand style from the initial animation prototype and roadmap to provide SIRA with assets to use as appropriate - events, workshops, training and digital communication interventions going forward. The animations are public facing on the SIRA website and YouTube Channel.

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State Insurance Regulatory Authority

This series of animated videos aims to make insurance claims processes easier through publicly available content with diverse representation and availability in multiple languages.


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