Case study:

Minerals and Metals Group

Cross-cultural learning

Minerals and Metals Group (MMG) were looking for a refreshed induction program to reach and engage learners across all regions and levels of technical capability. It also needed to be made available in different languages, such as Peruvian Spanish and DRC French. The program needed to onboard employees in a time-effective way, immersing them in both the operations and the culture of the company.

Creating globally consistent messages was extremely important in order to lower the risk of geographical silos being formed according to different goals and practices. Right from the initial stages of the project, HowToo Xpert played a key role in understanding the demographics of MMG’s workforce and their learning needs. This formed a blueprint for designing a universal learning approach with seamless navigation and rich, engaging imagery.


The learning content, while specific to some regions, had to be easily adaptable and translatable so that key messages could be delivered consistently across the globe. HowToo Xpert worked in partnership with MMG to implement constant, thorough reviews of all translations, ensuring that the core messages were delivered accurately to each region.

Now seamlessly embedded into MMG’s onboarding process, the suite has reduced the amount of face-to-face induction time from eight hours per employee to only four. Staff are arriving on site with a strong understanding of MMG and their role, and have reported the modules to be interactive, enjoyable and easy to understand.

The Cultural Awareness element of the program has proven to be integral tool in creating a workplace culture of inclusivity. One learner noted: “I’m thinking more about what I say and do when I travel to other sites and asking myself ‘how does this land?’ I have an understanding about other cultures, but I also think I’m more aware of how my own culture influences my work”.

MMG and HowToo Xpert (formerly Savv-e) received an Honourable Mention from the International eLearning Association (IELA) and was awarded Highly Commended for Best Use of Technology for Learning from AITD for the digital learning suite.

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