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How Painchek® saved thousands by switching to online training with HowToo.

PainChek®, a medical technology company, rolled out online product training to over 1000 clients in record time. This achievement was made possible by HowToo’s platform as it allows them to create, deliver and update training in-house. It also allows them to deliver training all over the country, at any time, completely remotely. PainChek® can now onboard and support clinicians, allied health professionals and carers to their groundbreaking AI, facial recognition and smartphone technology completely digitally.

Deliver training all over the country at any time

With HowToo, the PainChek® team were able to completely transform their approach to training, and achieve a completion rate of over 80%.

Pioneering AI innovation and digital onboarding

PainChek® is a revolutionary smartphone-based technology that deploys unique Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition software to intelligently automate the pain assessment process at the point of care.

Traditionally, clinicians and allied health professionals at the point of care have used cumbersome paper-based checklists to assess levels of pain felt by clients. However, these systems can fail for clients who cannot easily articulate or verbalise their level of pain.

PainChek® assists carers to identify, document and manage pain in clients far more accurately and effectively. PainChek® is currently used in over 900 aged care facilities globally – giving over 50,000 people access to better pain assessment and management.

“The tool represents a significant shift from what is currently used or what has been used in the past. So we needed to introduce people to the concept of AI-driven pain analysis, how it supports clinicians in their roles and improvements in quality of life for people who are receiving care. We needed both end-to-end software training, and change management to help people understand this shift,” shares James Mattias, Business Development Manager for PainChek®.

Pivoting to remote training and empowering teams

Even as a digital company, PainChek® historically relied on face-to-face training to onboard and support new clinicians.

“This approach has some benefits, but at the same time, there are some potential drawbacks including scheduling physical attendance. Health care is a 24 hour industry, so the time clinicians can take out to focus on learning a new system is often outside of standard business hours,” admits James.
The COVID-19 outbreak and shift to remote working rapidly accelerated their planned move to a merged digital solution that introduced eLearning courses.

HowToo’s fast and easy to use platform immediately stood out to the PainChek® team. As a small team, the strategic use of resources is critical. By choosing HowToo over other cumbersome and expensive competitors, PainChek® is able to empower their team to create world class training in-house.

PainChek® innovated their training with HowToo

With HowToo, the PainChek® team were able to completely transform their approach to training. By shifting topics that are repetitive for trainers to self-guided digital courses, the PainChek® team can spend their free time improving and updating their training.

“Being able to create eLearning courses that are so customisable and easy to rapidly iterate on really supported our pivot to a fully remote delivery model,” says James. “The key change for us is that we’ve been able to master what was previously quite difficult for our team. With an affordable fee or subscription to use the HowToo tool, we can make changes immediately, iterate immediately and get those updates out to clients as soon as we possibly can without those potential barriers in between.”

With the help of HowToo’s in-built library of course templates, they were able to quickly and easily produce any course they needed. They could also customise their courses with colours, backgrounds and logos to provide their clients with a seamless, branded experience.

HowToo’s unique, visual storyboarding tool was a particular highlight for the team, as it allowed them to view a high-level map of their course structure as they built it. James says this “made it very intuitive to design how a learner is going to move through those different pieces of content.”

The final result has allowed PainChek® to greatly improve their services to their clients by offering them unparalleled flexibility.

“HowToo improved life for our trainers and our clients by allowing them to access training at any time they need… If it can be 2AM in Perth and a member of a healthcare team, a nurse, can jump online and go through an end-to-end course about the tool, [then] that's amazing for us, and it's amazing for them.”

“A solution that was straightforward and really easy for us to quickly get our heads around so that we could have our subject matter experts producing that learning material directly in the tool. We can also update our courses very rapidly if we notice any areas for improvement or receive any feedback from clients.”

BDM, Painchek
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