Case study:

Health Organisation

Adolescent Mental Health Awareness Module

A children’s hospital network sought out the help of HowToo Xpert to build a digital learning module to educate various third-party stakeholders in the arena of childhood and adolescent mental health. These included primary, secondary school teachers, school counsellors, mental health workers, psychologists and case workers from a variety of organisations in the health and education sectors.

HowToo Xpert’s partnership with the health organisation ultimately needed to assist the learners in identifying mental health concerns in young people, help them in adhering to legal and best practice principles when exchanging information, and encourage them to use collaborative practice to respond to mental health emergency cases.


HowToo Xpert leveraged the expertise of the subject matter experts at the hospital and designed a module journey incorporating a narrative based learning framework. The learning was relevant and purposeful with the use of highly realistic case studies allowing the learner to see scenarios played out in a practical way. The design approach was clean, contemporary supporting users to easily consume the content and progress through the information.

HowToo Xpert and the hospital worked collaboratively to ensure the digital learning was interactive, including knowledge checks in the form of Q&A, click-to-reveal screens and hotspots to maximise the engagement of the learner. The module was entirely accessible (WCAG 2.0) and responsive in design for desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.

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