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Maximising voluntary uptake

According to the Disability Discrimination Act (1992), Australian Government agencies are required to provide information and services in an accessible and non-discriminatory manner. In-line with this, the NSW Government has set a target for achieving a 5.6% sector-wide representation of people with disability by 2027.

To achieve this, the NSW Public Service Commission (PSC) identified the need for initiatives to improve workplace culture, remove existing barriers and create an equitable work environment for all. HowToo Xpert and the PSC together developed the Disability Awareness Suite to promote disability confidence among employees and managers.


Created in accordance with accessibility guidelines, the learning would serve to provide disability awareness training to 400,000 diverse employees across NSW. Both modules use interactive scenarios and multimedia elements to engage learners emotionally and explore topics such as understanding disability, inclusive communication and onboarding employees with disability.

Whilst engaging with the suite is voluntary, over 6,000 employees have completed the modules since their rollout – a result much higher than expected. Management have expressed their satisfaction with the design of the modules and their contribution to promoting an inclusive culture across the public sector. Employee feedback has also been positive, describing how the Disability Awareness suite has prompted discussion and awareness within individual teams. The modules will continue to play a role in the PSC’s overall mission to increase the participation of people with disability, and have inspired the planning of other similar initiatives.

The NSW Public Service Commission and HowToo Xpert (formerly Savv-e) received the 2019 Platinum LearnX Award for Best People & Culture Strategy – Diversity/Inclusion, and the 2019 Gold LearnX Award for Best eLearning Design – Accessibility.

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