4 easy steps to upskilling your team fast


ithin every team lies a wealth of experience and expertise. It’s the special sauce, the thing that makes your team unique and gives you the advantage over the pack.

So, why do so many teams fail to capture it?

Sometimes there’s a perception that knowledge belongs to certain people. Then, when you lose that person, you lose all the value they brought to the team and you’re left floundering to find someone as good to replace them. It’s an outdated, inefficient belief that’s holding your team back.

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That experience and expertise is your best, untapped resource for upskilling your whole team. And you shouldn’t have to spend your whole L&D budget just to access it. In this blog, we’ll cover the four steps you need to unlock the best resource you already have.

Step #1 - Get your experts involved

Before you can unlock your organisation’s expertise, you first have to find it. Spend some time identifying key strengths and skills amongst your people that you want to share with the whole team. Make sure you bring forward a wide diversity of voices so that you can take full advantage of different experiences and perspectives.

Once you’ve identified your experts, it’s time to put the power in their hands. Start a conversation with them around developing a piece learning to share with the team. Communicate with them how valuable their knowledge and experience is to the team, and the advantages of sharing it with the team. They’ll also have a chance to develop new skills in the process of creating the learning course.

Step #2 - Use HowToo to get started

Creating digital learning doesn't need to be time consuming or difficult. HowToo was specifically designed to support individuals with no prior experience in learning design create course in minutes.

HowToo has an extensive library of templates based around learning outcomes. This makes them highly adaptable for creating courses around almost any topic and designed to achieve outcomes for learners. The templates allow your team members to begin with a course structure designed by learning experts and proven to be effective with learners. From there, they can fit their knowledge into the template for quick and easy creation

Company training made easy

Step #3 - Create short courses

You’ll find that many of HowToo’s templates don’t take long for learners to complete. That’s on purpose! Gone are the days of sitting in front of a screen for hours, clicking through page after page of eLearning. Instead, modern learning science shows that learning is often most effective in bite-sized pieces.

Short courses may only take 5-15 minutes for learners to complete, allowing your team members to easily add one into the flow of their day and learn a new skill. Unnecessary details are eliminated, improving the retainability of the information. Short courses also serve as their own cheat sheet- they’re quick to return to for team members to refresh their memory when they need. 

Step #4 - Implement!

Once your experts have captured their knowledge in a concise learning course, all that’s left to do is implement! Ensure your team knows what courses are available, and how to access them. You might like to set learning goals for your teams, and start a poll for what future topics your team would like to learn about.

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Dec 10, 2020

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