How to turn a PowerPoint into a digital eLearning course


very company has training.

Whether it’s the bits and pieces you scrape together to onboard a new employee, or the presentation you’ve been giving (or receiving) every year, every company has some form of training for it’s employees.

However, if you’re using Microsoft PowerPoint to deliver your training, it’s time to step up and transform your PowerPoint slides into eLearning modules.

What is eLearning?

eLearning is a fast and flexible method of training in the form of interactive, online courses. Learners can launch courses at any time from their mobile, tablet or computer, and learn new skills and processes through activities, videos, audio snippets, diagrams and more. 

In the past, eLearning was only a viable option for big businesses who could afford to pay experts to custom-build eLearning modules for them over a number of months.

Now, eLearning has become widely accessible for all businesses, with the growth of training platforms like HowToo that offer a wide range of course templates and easy-to-use course building features, at affordable prices.

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Why eLearning is better than PowerPoint

While many of us are familiar with PowerPoint, it sadly lacks the functionality to make engaging and memorable learning experiences. 

PowerPoint was created to supplement verbal presentations. At its best, PowerPoint provides images and summarised information to help a speaker make their point.

Ultimately, a PowerPoint relies on the charisma of the presenter to create an engaging and memorable learning experience. Without these, PowerPoint is unable to deliver quality training.

By comparison, eLearning is designed specifically for creating and delivering interactive, engaging and memorable training. 

eLearning tools like HowToo allow anyone to create digital courses with fun elements like dragging-and-dropping, rearranging, clicking to reveal, answering questions, watching videos, listening to audio, and more.

Employees often highly rate eLearning as a positive experience as it can be three times faster to complete than traditional face-to-face methods.

eLearning is also highly flexible for employees, who can log in from any device at a time that suits them to complete their training. This allows them to dip in and out of their training within the flow of their everyday work, or begin their onboarding process before their first day in the office.

Overall, eLearning has a huge number of advantages over PowerPoint, and is ideal for getting employees engaged and excited about training and onboarding.

How to convert your PowerPoint to an interactive eLearning module

1. Audit your material

When transferring your training from one format to another, it’s a great time to reexamine your content to ensure it’s still up to date and meeting your business’s needs.

For many smaller businesses, it can be easy to rely on the same training material year-after-year without taking the time to update and refresh the content. 

Instead of converting unnecessary content, take the time to think about your business’s needs, and get rid of anything that is no longer relevant.

2. Write learning outcomes

Learning outcomes are an essential tool for creating focused, relevant courses.

Learning outcomes are statements about what you want your learners to be able to do or know by the end of the course.

With a clear set of learning outcomes, you can ensure that you are delivering the right material to your learners to ensure that they can achieve the outcomes.

A short course (5-15 minutes) may tackle 1-4 learning outcomes, while a longer course (20-40 minutes) may use up to 7 learning outcomes.

3. Tap into templates

HowToo comes with dozens of free templates designed for you to easily slot your training content into a sequence of activities designed by an expert learning designer.

Templates can help you to ask questions, create interactions, and add media in the right places to deliver the most effective learning experience for your team.

HowToo’s Growth plan also comes with a library of pre-made, off-the-shelf courses on common business topics, so you can skip straight past converting your content to sending it to your team in minutes.

And if you can’t find the perfect template or off-the-shelf course, you can create a course from scratch with HowToo’s page templates. 

HowToo makes it easy to convert your PowerPoint slides into course pages with hundreds of pages templates with similar layouts to PowerPoint slides. Simply find the corresponding template, add your content, and you’re ready to go.

Turning your PowerPoints into eLearning modules is easy with HowToo.

4. Design an assessment

Assessments are a critical step for checking that your learners have obtained the required skills and knowledge to achieve your learning outcomes.

eLearning course designers like HowToo make it easy to create automated assessments. Simply add an assessment section to the end of your course, then insert a range of questions to quiz your learners. Customise your assessment by setting a pass mark, varying the questions, or randomizing the question order.

eLearning courses automatically track your learner’s assessment results to let you know when they’ve passed or failed, and their final score.

5. Start training your team!

With your PowerPoints converted to eLearning courses, the final step is to share your training with your learners!

With a training platform like HowToo, it’s easy to keep your training up to date and avoid confusing version control issues.

Read our guide to choosing the right method of sharing your courses based on your business’s needs.

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Feb 3, 2022

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