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reduction in device misuse


reduction in service callouts


increase in learner confidence

Microlearning solutions

As an Australian provider of consumer-centric technology solutions in the healthcare sector, Acetek identified that the high turnover rate of healthcare workers was requiring their training managers to revisit clients every six months to repeat product training sessions for new staff.

Acetek approached HowToo Xpert seeking a digital learning solution that could standardise and improve product training delivery while freeing time for training managers to focus on value-adding tasks.


In response to the challenge, HowToo Xpert developed a series of interactive modules based around a microlearning approach to explain important procedures around key technologies, such as Acetek’s Dementia Monitoring System. These modules would convey short, clear messages to boost learner engagement and increase learning retention. As a result, Acetek has reported that there has been a 10% reduction in misuse of the device and a 25% reduction in service calls outs across its Aged Care facilities in NSW and ACT.

Real-life scenarios with relatable characters were integrated into the modules to demonstrate the key features and processes for using the technology. According to Acetek, these scenarios significantly increased learner engagement, improved knowledge retention and increased learner confidence by 25%.

At the end of the project, Steve Eastwood, Director of Acetek shared his feedback about HowToo Xpert, “They took time to understand our solutions, the expectations and requirements. The creativity and professional delivery of the final product was very impressive, and we have been pleased with the result. It has enhanced our customer engagement and differentiated us within our industry, helping cement our brand with our system users.”

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