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ow safe is your workspace? Is it as safe as it could be?

Every individual has the right to work in a physically and psychologically safe space. Creating safe workspaces requires a consistent, multi-layered strategy, from providing safe equipment and furniture, through to developing a workplace culture that ensures the psychological safety of team members.

Digital training courses can be a highly effective component in these strategies, as it allows businesses to quickly and cost-effectively equip their teams with skills for working safely.

Featured Resource: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Engaging Online Compliance Training.

If you’re looking for an even faster solution, HowToo offers a wide range of ready-to-go courses on a variety of common safety and compliance topics. These courses are full of learning activities and assessments that are up to date with relevant Australian legislation. With a HowToo subscription, you can add your business’s logo and distribute these courses in just a few minutes.

No matter what industry or type of work your business conducts, there are training courses that can meet the safety training needs of your business.

Safety training for small, medium and large businesses.

All businesses

Equity and Diversity

35% of HR leaders ranked Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as their top priority for 2022. Equity and Diversity courses clearly outline DEI mandates, and expose unconscious biases that may be causing discriminatory practices in your workplace. Use this course.

Code of Conduct

All businesses should have a Code of Conduct policy that outlines expected behaviours for your employees in line with your company values, principles and mission. But let’s face it - eyes can glaze over when asked to read dry policy documents. Transform your policy into an engaging learning experience with scenarios and real-world applications with a Code of Conduct training course. Use this course.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Drug and alcohol misuse can cause significant physical harm to individuals and the people around them, and result in serious accidents. A drug and alcohol awareness module can outline the risks of misuse and clearly outline expected behaviour for your team. Use this course.

Wellbeing in the workplace

Wellbeing is another strong trend in training and HR teams for 2022, with the global pandemic and shift to remote work causing disruption, fatigue and new ways of working on an unprecedented scale. Courses focused on wellbeing target safety by equipping team members with skills and knowledge to holistically improve their wellbeing wherever they work. Use this course.

Train your team to be safe in the workplace.

Office-based teams

Safety in the office

If your team is office-based, you may not have considered the potential physical risks of the environment, yet there are many hidden dangers that could expose your business to fines or legal action. Training courses on workplace safety can introduce your team to Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) standards and guidelines through engaging learning activities to promote safe practices. Use this course.

Bullying in the office

Bullying can have incredibly detrimental consequences for teams, and is often difficult to recognise. When leaders are proactive about preventing bullying in the workplace, they can empower their teams to be productive and collaborative. Training courses on workplace bullying can protect the psychological safety of your team members by equipping them to recognise, prevent and deal with bullying behaviours. Use this course.

WFH, hybrid and remote teams

Remote Working

If you have team members working from home-based locations part-time and/or full-time, they will have different safety needs to keep them healthy and productive. Training courses about working remotely can teach workers to maximise the unique benefits of working from home and minimise the possible drawbacks. Use this course.

Ergonomic Workspaces

If you have team members working from home offices, you may be relying on those workers to provide their own furniture and office set ups. If this is the case, it’s important to provide those team members with information on how to select and use ergonomic furniture to reduce the risk of physical injuries.

Train hybrid teams, remote working teams and work from home teams to work safely.

Warehouse-based teams

Manual Handling

If your team regularly handles heavy loads, then training on safe manual handling is a must. Courses on manual handling can equip your team with practical methods to minimise the risk of injury from manual tasks to maximise the physical safety of your team. Use this course.

Hazards, controls and safe practices

If your team works in a warehouse or similar industrial space, it’s likely that your business has specific rules and processes that your team needs to follow to ensure their safety. You will need a training course that informs your team of the hazards, controls and safe practices unique to your business.

Field-based teams

Safety in the field

Field-based work can provide a variety of challenges and risks to the safety of your team. Training courses on field safety can guide your team through making safe decisions in the field based upon Workplace Health and Safety guidelines. Use this course.

Bullying in the field

Bullying can be an insidious and destructive force that can severely impact employee retention and productivity, no matter where it takes place. A training course about bullying in the field can alert workers to inappropriate and bullying behaviours that may be more common in field-based work so they can work towards a safer workplace. Use this course.

Looking to create better safety training?

Looking for a quick safety training solution? Get these courses completely free on a HowToo Growth plan, our flexible, all-in-one training platform for businesses. Complete with engaging learning activities, stories, scenarios and media, you can add your logo and distribute them to your team in minutes. Then, track their progress in real time so you can accurately report on compliance mandates.

Every one of our courses can also be purchased off the shelf for immediate export to your LMS. Contact our team today to explore pricing options.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Engaging Online Compliance Training. Download free.

Oct 20, 2021

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